About us
We give hope for a better tomorrow to people with disabilities and dependants!

Every day we work hard with children and people with disabilities to improve their functioning.

We give a moment of rest to the families and carers of dependent persons and we help to organise care.

We work intensively in the social field, to help create a world that is friendly to people with disabilities and dependants.


We want to be a leading organisation that discovers and popularises the latest methods of effective rehabilitation and therapy.

We want to inspire therapists to reach for newer and newer therapy methods, to use the latest technologies and methods to improve their work and achieve better therapeutic results.



First name of the Foundation:
“Hippotherapy” Foundation for Development of Horse-Assisted Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

In 1989 we started to spread the work of hippotherapy in Poland as an extremely effective and versatile method of therapy (with a unique psychomotor and social impact).

We organised national and international conferences, including the founding conference of the Polish Hippotherapeutic Association.

We trained doctors, organised professional courses for over one thousand future hypotherapists, as well as internships and workshops. We also co-created specialisation programs at different schools and universities.

We published the first Polish publications on hippotherapy: a quarterly, textbooks, and a monograph on the method.

We cooperated with specialists from Europe and the USA.

Since the beginning of our activity we have been supporting families of people with disabilities with comprehensive counselling. We help them in navigating through the jungle of regulations of various state and organisational structures, where they can find concrete help and support.


The second name of the Foundation:
Hippotherapy Foundation for Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

We are expanding our activity: we promote and carry out comprehensive therapy with hippotherapy as a supportive method (in our programs we use psychotherapy, physiotherapy and innovative activities in sociotherapy, art therapy, and tablet therapy).

We organise exemplary integrative rehabilitation holidays for families with children with disabilities from all over Poland.

We create a unique and successful Integrative Theatre “Ponies” (“Kucyki").

We fight for a positive image of people with disabilities through our international project “Fashion Without Limits”.

We support families of people with disabilities by offering psychotherapy, training and comprehensive counselling.

We are creating a new institution and shaping the way it operates: Municipal Social Information Center - in close cooperation with the Municipality of Krakow.


Third name of the Foundation:


We are expanding our activities to include assistance for families caring for an adult with disabilities or a dependent person.
We support families in taking care of a chronically ill people - we take over the care for them temporarily. We help them to organise the care and find the right path in the maze of regulations and possibilities of obtaining help.
We are renovating Fort Sidzina to create a new place for integration of the healthy part of the society with people with disabilities. A three-hectare space for meetings, leisure and artistic activities "beyond the divisions" for healthy and disabled people will be created here.
We are carrying out therapeutic projects and supporting carers of dependent persons:
  • Therapy - Support - Independence - a long-term project co-financed by PFRON ((State Fund for Rehabilitation Of Disabled People))
  • Krakow Information and Support Center for Carers of Independent Persons - an EU project with European Social Fund (ESF)
  • Wspornik” (“Cantilever") - Guardians Support Point - EU project with ESF (from July 2020).
We look to the future with faith - new challenges await us, but we also see that the world around us is becoming increasingly friendly to people with disabilities.


Supervisory Board
Our team
Aleksandra Włodarczyk
President of the Board
Michał Ryś
Vice-president of the Board
Agnieszka Suchy
Member of the Board/Chief Accountant
Wioleta Więckowska
Marketing Manager
wioleta.wieckowska@pelna-zycia.pl +48 510 149 781
Barbara Gosztyła
Management Assistant
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